You’ve lost to a professional in a game…

Dear women,
Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew.
You knew he was out of your league from the start.
But you decide to lace up your
sneakers and play anyway.
Now you’re mad that you’ve lost to a
professional in a game that you don’t even want to play.
You were just tired of sitting on the benches.
Just because the ball is in your court,
doesn’t mean you have to give it a shot.



Birthday thingz

Just because it was her birthday!!!
Mi baby gyal birthday was for a couple of days ago, so yesterday I took the train to Norrköping to surprise her.
Of course…she didn’t had any clue so I pretty much nailed it!! :-P
Her bday celebration started yesterday… and so we will continue today :-D

Charlene – Birthday girl






She needs more…

She’s single “by choice” or so SHE SAYS; but like MOST THESE DAYS, she often wonders if she’ll be forced to settle. Time is passing, but she’s EXTRA PATIENT, wondering why she was born into this GENERATION… where there are seemingly not enough good men willing to step up and be just that; because they all seem to be worried about the WRONG THINGS. She’s ready. Ready to experience all the emotions REAL LOVE brings with a man who know what he has when he has it, not when he’s LOST IT. And she goes out every now and then hoping to meet somebody worth it, but of COURSE IT’S… the same “old boys” with the SAME OLD TRICKS, doing the SAME OLD SHIT and offering just that SAME OLD D*CK…
But she needs more.



You’re the things you do..,

You’re the books you read,
the films you watch, the music you listen to,
the people you meet, the dreams you have,
the conversations you engage in.
You are what you take from these.
You’re the sound of the ocean,
the breath of fresh air,
the brightest light and the darkest corner.
You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life.
You are every single day.
So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge.
Let the words run through your veins
and let the colours fill your mind.


“You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want.”

Hello hello hello!!

Hoppas ni har haft en bra helg. Min har varit helt okej….inte så händelserik dock.

Just nu ligger jag bara i min säng och tänker på en del saker.

Det är en ny vecka nu.
Jag har en grej som jag tänkte att jag skulle dela med er.
Varje vecka, väljer jag ut en eller flera utmaningar för mig själv som jag bör genomföra innan veckan tar slut.
Det kan handla om att förbättra min kost under en vecka, enkla saker som att se till att dricka mycket vatten under veckans gång, eller att ta ett steg o göra något som jag alltid har velat göra fast har varit rädd för.
Reda ut något som jag inte kan sluta tänka på, lära mig något om nån specifik ämne, lära känna en person bättre, lära känna mig själv bättre, utveckla nån egenskap hos mig själv och mycket mer!!

Det är verkligen skit kul och det är så nyttigt. Det finns utmaningar som jag har klarat av de senaste veckor och då tänker jag ” Varför gjorde inte jag det här tidigare, det har hjälpt mig så sjukt mycket!”

Och nej… Inte behöver du ha en lista på söndagskväll om vad du ska klara under veckan. Ibland kan något bara dyka upp i huvudet under veckan och då är det bara att ta tag i det och göra det.

Testa gärna och se hur det går, finns det nåt du vill dela sen få du jätte gärna göra det :-D


Becoming a better you!

You should aim forward cause that’s where you’re going, not backwards.
Make sure what you do is because YOU want to do it, not because someone else think you should do it.
Do what feels right for you and don’t forget to be yourself throughout.
It’s important.
Sometimes we end up losing ourself cause we are too focused on reaching our goals.
I believe the only way you can fulfill your goals is by taking yourself along the journey.
Making progress with no one, but yourself.
Growing, becoming a better person than you were yesterday….progress!!


12 facts about me

1. I’m 1.74 m tall.

2. I joke and laugh a lot…

3. I love poetry…I breathe, eat, sleep, dream poetry! ❤️

4. It’s easy to get to know me…

5. I know it’s sounds crazy, but the only place I want to be right now is in Sierra Leone, with my family. I miss them so much it’s hurt. :-(

6. I find intelligence so damn attractive!

7. Ungratefulness, wickedness and injustice disgust me! :-/

8. Sometimes I’m disgusted by the human race… I don’t even want to be apart of this world when I see the way humans treat each other.

9. I get easily annoyed but rarely angry.

10. I live by “You get what you crave for”.

11. Sometimes I’m a loner… Don’t get me wrong, I’m very social but at times I just prefer being alone.

12. I love love!!!


Ebola man-made disease

Emerging diseases Ebola and HIV – Nature, Accident, or Genocide?

Is Ebola just another historical timeline of population control?

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about this whole Ebola epidemic and from day one I’ve been questioning the issue.

Like, why now? How come the disease just decide to spread itself now not earlier?

Is Ebola a man made disease just like HIV was?

Cause everybody know the population issue we’re dealing with in the world right now.

So why not use  Ebola  as a weapon, it surely do spread and kill more people than HIV did.

I’ve always been critical to this whole issue and sometimes it feel like I’m going crazy with all the thoughts in my head!

But I’m glad to see that the issue is up, even do it’s a terrible thing and I’m so damn disgust of  the human race.


MUST WATCH, and spread this debate further.

Let the fools, be fooled!


PRESS on the link below!




Weak ass people!

Seriously tho… we are not stupid!


I don’t believe in any goverment, why? Cause the world we are living in is so fucking sick….so so SICK!!


Keep your eyes open,



To keep my stomach fit I do abs workout almost every night.

But at times my lazy ass skip it, so for doing that,

I punish myself and do more reps than I usually do.

Here are some abs workout that I highly recommend,

to be able to see any result you have to stay consistent!


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do all these exercise every night.
I just don’t 4/8 most nights.
And sometimes I’m actually not in the mood to do anything

but I make sure I do 50 sitsup every night before I sleep, no matter how tired I’m.

And the rest I do at least 4-5 times a week.

I don’t hold grudges

Something I don’t do is hold grudges.

When I feel a certain way about something or someone,

I address the issue to the person and then I move on.

Sometimes we get through it, and some people are not worth fighting for.

So when we done, we’re done.

But I don’t hold grudges, it’s a waste of time and energy.

We good tho, and you may not hear from me ever again but we good.


Make up you mind!

So, let me get this straight.

You like her, but you’re not sure if you want her,

but you like her enough to have sex with her,

but you’re not sure if you want to be more than friends,

but you want her to think of you as her boyfriend,

but you enjoy being single,

but you don’t want anybody else to get at her,

but you can flirt with other girls,

but you get jealous when other guys talk to her,

but you don’t want to talk to her all of the time,

but you want her to pay attention to you only,

but you think it’s annoying when she blows up your phone,

but you don’t like it when she talks to other guys,

but you don’t want to be tied down yet,

but you want her to act like she’s your girl,

but you don’t want to be in a relationship,

but you want her to be loyal to just you,

but you just wanna have fun right now,

but you want to be loved by her,

but you’re not ready to commit to only her?