Lame ass people

It’s really sad to see how much hateful things people write
on the internet after all the awareness of cyber-bully.

You think committing suicide is a coward way out.
I’ill tell you what’s a coward.
Hurting someone so much that they think ending their lives is the only way to make it better!

Calling someone fat, won’t make you skinnier.
Calling someone ugly, won’t make you prettier.
Calling someone stupid, won’t make you smarter.
Calling someone a loner, won’t make you popular. So STOP IT!
Bullying someone won’t make you a better person.
It’s only makes you look FOOLISH, INSECURE, SCARY, STUPID and LAME!!!
Bullying is NEVER right!!!

Think carefully before you insult somebody for who they are.
At least they are open about it.
Just do you and let them do them.




Hur har ni haft det?
Hoppas det är bra med er iaf.
Just nu ligger jag i sängen och vilar, medan Diana tjatar om att titta på film. Min dag har varit rätt så chill faktiskt. Gick ner till stan med Svahn och åt och hon dampade sönder, jag var rätt så lugn för en gångs skull.
På torsdag ska vi åka och klättra och på fredag blir det tjejkväll med Amanda och Svahn. På lördag kanske jag träffar en vän.

Herregud va konstigt det känns att skriva på svenska om vad jag gör i min vardag . Känns inte alls som jag. Jag tror nog att jag ska hålla mig till poesi och allt annat som jag brukar skriva om här. Jag funderar på att börja skriva lite mer på svenska (poesi alltså), jag har en del verk som jag har skrivit/jobbar på.

Och hörni, ställ gärna frågor om det är något ni undrar, don’t be shy, i don’t bit…. Jag föredrar att grilla ;-)

Adios :-)

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Sanningen om Sverigedemokraterna

Jag har inte mått så här illa över något på länge.

Jag får så jävlar ont i magen av att se resultaten och verkligen inse att människor är så jävlar rubbade.

Just nu är jag helt mållös.  Jag är så arg, ledsen, men framförallt besviken på människor.

Har folk verkligen inte lärt sig något av historien!!?

Snart införs väl skolämne som handlar om rasbiologi, som Amanda säger.


Usch!!! Jag orkar inte ens skriva, jag ville bara dela denna videon!



You have to live through it

“Nobody will protect you from your suffering.
You can’t cry it away
or eat it away
or starve it away
or walk it away
or punch it away or
even therapy it away.
It’s just there,
and you have to survive it.
You have to ensure it.
You have to live through it
and love it and move on
and be better for it in the direction of
your best and happiest dreams
across the bridge that was built
by your own desire to heal.”


“We owe the Dead everlasting life.”


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Hey guys!!!

I hope y’all have a great weekend.
My weekend was quite fine. I spend it with my dad and little sister, my big sis also came over with her kids and they slept over. We spend most of the day at the lake. I was tanning and the kids were swimming. The sun is hot and fall is soon here so I’ve to take advantage of the weather


Gone so soon because of depression

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It’s crazy, because I still can’t figure it out.

This beautiful soul passed away the day before yesterday. She has been dealing with depression which led to her becoming a victim and committed suicide.

I’m really surprised because she always seemed happy on her instaposts and she looked flawless as always. I didn’t see no pain or struggle, all I saw was a young beautiful lady living her dreams.

And that’s the thing about the media, you only choose to show want you want people to see, so don’t take everything so literally because you never really know what others are going through.

Depression is a really tough thing to go through and if YOU or anybody around you is struggling with depression or other mental illness, please make sure you/they get help.
Depression is nothing to joke with, because there are no blood tests to show that you are depressed, no fevers or rashes that show people what you are going through.

Depression is cruel and no life should be taken because of it.

R.I.P Simone Battle


Relationship or Performance?

Are people in relationships or performances?

Are you truly happy or trying to convince others that you are?

But seriously tho, if you are in a performance, I think it’s time you end the play.

Love for love,
because of love,
fall in love!

Stop auditioning for rolls that supplies anything less than love.

And remember
Never settle for less than you deserve!


“You made me doubt myself, when I knew exactly who I was.”


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Drugs that kill you slowly

“I read somewhere that drugs kill you slowly,

almost romantically, like they care about you.

And oh baby you should have known better than to love someone

who bites where they’re supposed to kiss,

and pushes where they’re supposed to pull closer.

When his hands touched your face for the first time,

you should have listened to your mother when she told you

that the devil had pretty eyes and soft skin and looked a lot

like a boy who kissed you like

he might eventually love you.

You will only learn about the dangers of loving a boy

who was so intoxicating,

he would only love you back in small doses;

while you are injecting him

straight into your bloodstream.


Not enough for me

I can’t wrap my fingers around you

but you really knew how to wrap your arms around me though

making me feel less lonelier

but you didn’t hold me long enough to make me feel safe

and just when I was about to rely on you

you became colder

leaving chills all over my body

And as I think about all the things you said

It really doesn’t make any sense now

Maybe I just chose to hear what I wanted to hear

and filtered the rest away

filterade the truth away

Cause now all I can think of is

how much you misused me with your words

I guess I was dumb enough to fall for that

but I’m glad I’m strong enough to get back up

- MizzMK